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If you’re interested in joining the Orbit Baby Creator Community, we’re looking for talented parents who have a knack for blending brand message, visual content and story telling.

Things To Know...

The Orbit Baby Creator Community is for social media influencers professional content creators and photographers.

Creator Community members are responsible for creating, delivering and posting original Orbit Baby content to social media. Including but not limited to photos, video, testimonials and unboxing videos. Details of requirements are determined upon application and will be reviewed and agreed upon with the applicant before joining.

Perks vary depending on the members contract and outlined requirements. Members will be eligible for free product and discounts. All members will receive a unique discount code, commissions and social media features.

To make payments as easy as possible, we pay our Creators commissions via PayPal. To apply as an Orbit Baby Creator Community, you are required to have a Paypal account. To get started, head to to create your account.

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*Due to high demand, we cannot accept all applications at this time.