Black Friday Cyber Monday Orbit Baby

We have opted out of Black Friday & Cyber Monday. And here’s why...

At Orbit Baby, it is our mission to help families explore the world in 360 degrees. And while many parents and caregivers are fortunate enough to have both time and resource to share with their little ones, many others face insecurities of basic needs, leaving little room to help their children learn and grow. So, this year, we are pushing forward with our mission, supporting families a little differently. From now through the month of November, we are choosing donations over discounts. Instead of cutting prices to increase our sales, during this heavily promotional time, we will be donating 2% of gross sales through November 30 to our partners at Baby2Baby. The thousands of dollars we can raise will help provide impoverished children with necessities like diapers and clothes, ideally lightening the load on resource-strained families so they can spend more time together, engaging in the world around them.

It’s a different approach to our same mission, strengthening the bond between parent and child as they grow and thrive together. We hope that you will join our efforts to help families in need, whether through a direct donation to Baby2Baby or through the purchase of Orbit Baby products in November. It’s a big world out there that we share with so many. Let’s help everyone have the chance to explore it.


BABY2BABY provides children living in poverty with diapers, clothing and all the basic necessities that every child deserves.