Stroll, Sleep, & Ride Travel System in Merino Wool
Stroll, Sleep, & Ride Travel System in Merino Wool
Stroll, Sleep, & Ride Travel System in Merino Wool
Stroll, Sleep, & Ride Travel System in Merino Wool
Stroll, Sleep, & Ride Travel System in Merino Wool
Stroll, Sleep, & Ride Travel System in Merino Wool
Stroll, Sleep, & Ride Travel System in Merino Wool
Stroll, Sleep, & Ride Travel System in Merino Wool
Stroll, Sleep, & Ride Travel System in Merino Wool
Stroll, Sleep, & Ride Travel System in Merino Wool
Stroll, Sleep, & Ride Travel System in Merino Wool
Stroll, Sleep, & Ride Travel System in Merino Wool
Stroll, Sleep, & Ride Travel System in Merino Wool
Stroll, Sleep, & Ride Travel System in Merino Wool
Stroll, Sleep, & Ride Travel System in Merino Wool
Stroll, Sleep, & Ride Travel System in Merino Wool
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Stroll, Sleep, & Ride Travel System in Merino Wool

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New! Infant Car Seat now available in Merino Wool!

Never wake a sleeping baby. A high-performance travel system designed to explore the world in 360 degrees, the Stroll, Sleep, & Ride Travel System keeps modern families on the go while ensuring uninterrupted naps. Smooth and customizable for every outing thanks to our innovative SmartHub® technology, this modular ensemble includes our G5 Bassinet, G5 Infant Car Seat in Merino Wool, and G5 Stroller, offering a safe, familiar sleeping space in the car, nursery, hotel or stroller. And it’s built to optimize engagement between parents, babies, and their surroundings. It’s the ultimate luxury ride for social and snoozing butterflies.

The G5 Stroller is built to go the distance, offering a 360-degree view of the world that encourages connection, exploration, and adventure every step of the way.

  • High-performance, high style full-size stroller.
  • Use from birth with included, reversible infant insert up to 40 lbs (18 kg).
  • Dock modular seating components (G5 Infant Car Seat and Stroller Seat), with Patented SmartHub™ base.
  • 3DRotation™ allows easy 360-degree rotation and reclining in one fluid motion, so baby can be forward-facing or parent-facing, upright or fully reclined when docked in SmartHub™ base.
  • Quadshock™- patented front wheel suspension system to absorb impact and ensure a smooth ride.
  • Custom aerospace-grade, anodized aluminum frame is optimized for high strength and weight.
  • Quick-collapse capability and compact 3D fold to fit in small car trunks.

Read more about the G5 Stroller here.

Designed for comfort, safety, and uninterrupted slumber and style, the modular, multi-use G5 Bassinet puts parents ahead of the game.

  • G5 Bassinet offers a safe sleeping and strolling environment for babies.
  • Easily transfer baby from nursery to the stroller for continuous sleep that helps baby grow.
  • Docks and rotates 360 degrees on most Orbit Baby strollers and rockers with the patented SmartHub™.
  • Side carrying handles for easy transport.
  • Breathable aero-mesh mattress insert and premium soft-touch interior upholstery.
Read more about the G5 Bassinet here.

Designed for safety, style, and high performance, the featureful G5 Infant Car Seat is destined to go places.

  • Flame-retardant free (FR-free), thanks to the natural fire-resistance of Merino Wool.
  • Luxuriously softour fine Merino Wool blend textile offers excellent airflow and absorbs moisture, so your baby isn’t sweaty and rides along comfortably. 
  • Merino wool reacts to changes in your baby’s body temperature and provides thermoregulation in any season or climate. 
  • Deep-cradle design fully lined with energy-absorbing EPP foam for maximum side impact protection.
  • SmartHub® Car Seat Base ring is constructed with aerospace-grade aluminum, offering strength and 360-degree security in the car.
  • Docks into SmartHub Base at any angle on stroller and in car, then rotates into position, helping to prevent injury to parents’ backs.
  • The Car Seat Base installs securely in less than 60 seconds by turning the patented StrongArm™ knob.
  • Soft-touch, breathable premium fabric helps keep baby comfortable in any season or climate.
  • Includes durable 5-point harness, infant head support insert, UPF sunshade with Paparazzi Shield™ extension.
  • Certified for use without the base and in aircrafts with seat belts.

Read more about the G5 Infant Car Seat in Merino Wool here.

G5 Stroller 

  • G5 Stroller Frame
  • G5 Stroller Seat
  • 2 Front wheels
  • 2 Rear wheels
  • Detachable Snack Tray
  • Detachable Cargo Basket
  • Detachable Support Bar
  • Memory Foam Infant Insert
  • UPF Sunshade
  • Shoulder Pads

G5 Infant Car Seat

  • Orbit Baby G5 Car Seat
  • Orbit Baby G5 Car Seat Base
  • Infant Head Support Insert

G5 Bassinet 

  • Bassinet
  • Rocker Base

G5 Stroller

  • Interior seat height: 21 in (53 cm)
  • Interior seat width: 13.5 in (34 cm)
  • Handlebar heights: 40-46.5 in (102-117 cm)
  • Stroller Frame width (unfolded): 24 in (61 cm)
  • Stroller Frame folded: 32.5 x 15.5 x 13 in (83 x 39 x 33 cm)
  • Stroller Seat + Stroller Frame folded together: 32.5 x 15.5 x 14 in (83 x 39 x 36 cm)
  • Stroller Seat Weight: 10 lbs
  • Stroller Frame Weight: 19.6 lbs.

G5 Infant Car Seat

  • For infants 4 - 30 lbs (1.8 - 13.6 kg) and 19 - 32 in (48 - 81 cm)
  • For low birth weight babies, use the Lower Birth Weight Fit Kit to improve the harness fit.
  • Infant Car Seat interior width: 8.5 / 12 in (22 / 30 cm)
  • Infant Car Seat interior side depth: 12 in (30 cm)
  • Infant Car Seat harness slot heights: 8 in / 10 in / 12 in (20 cm / 25 cm / 30 cm)
  • Car Seat Base length, from back to knob: 20.5 in (52 cm)
  • Car Seat Base width: 14 in (35 cm)
  • Infant Car Seat Weight: 13.8 lbs.
  • Car Seat Base Weight: 15.4 lbs. (stays secured in car)

G5 Bassinet

  • Age: Birth to ~6 months
  • Weight Rating: For infants up to 20 lbs (9 kg), or until infant can roll over or push up.
  • Interior Dimensions: 25.5" L x 13" W x 8" H



One Hub Fits All





The Stroll, Sleep & Ride Travel System


Merino Wool is a high-performance natural textile known for its soft feel, ultra-fine fibers, and sweat-wicking capabilities that fight odors and act as a body temperature regulator. Ultra-soft and naturally flame-resistant, Merino Wool is an ideal material for infant car seats, keeping baby comfortable and well-protected. 

Virtual Car Seat Expert

Work with Our Certified Car Seat Expert

Ask him a question, get a product demo, or schedule a one-on-one chat to get the info you need. He is here for your support as a special FREE perk for Orbit Baby customers.


Deep Bucket Design

This System Keeps its Cool

Pioneered for Safety

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Suvicha B.
United States United States

Best investment we made was buying the G5 travel system. My sister owned hers for 7 years, she has 4 kids and attached skateboards on both wheels, it is perfect for Disneyland or any other theme park. Seeing how much their family loved it it was an easy purchase. My SO loves how smooth the stroller rides and how easy it is to attach/remove car seat from base that is installed in our car making running errands and trips a breeze. We get so many compliments on our stroller when out also haha love it!

Madelyn T.
United States United States
First time parents

The easiest travel system I have seen and happy we own it! After testing many strollers/car seats nothing compares to Orbit Baby. We wanted something practical and not complicated. Love it so much. Thank you Orbit baby! Looking forward to the toddler seat.

Kas L.
United States United States
Best travel system EVER!!

It is the easiest travel system. The infant car seat is so easy to use. I get compliments about how nice it looks and the arm carrier is nice. It’s SO EASY to wash, which is huge! My son is obsessed with his toddler seat and stroller. He loves to hang out in it and nap on our walks! I can fold the whole system up one handed and I don’t have to do a million different things just to fold the stroller. We get so many compliments on our travel system, at least once every time we are out and we tell everyone that Orbit Baby is THE BEST!

Chris M.
United States United States
Dad approved

As the person that installed the car seat base I have to say this is the easiest out there! I also love how the stroller glides so easy, it’s easy to get the baby in and out of and I love how it rotates 360 degrees! It makes traveling with our little one super easy. I would 100% recommend this to everyone having a baby.

United States United States
Love this system

This is my second time purchasing the orbit baby travel system. I absolutely love this car seat and stroller. The customer service is amazing and quick to respond.

Jennifer M.
United States United States
Best out there

This is by far the best stroller out there! I LOVE that it rotates around so I don’t have to hurt myself getting the baby out. I also love how easy it is for the stroller to fold and unfold. The fact it fits in the back of the car with no issues is a big plus!

Orbit Baby Stroll, Sleep, & Ride Travel System in Merino Wool Review
Maggie H.
United States United States
Can’t imagine my life with any other stroller

I found myself for months looking at strollers online, in the store, and on the street; I’m so glad I went with my gut and purchased the g5 travel system. There is not a better constructed stroller on the market in my opinion. Excited to use it for years to come.

A Orbit Baby Customer
Israel Israel
The best of the best

The orbit was designed with parents in mind. They thought of everything. The rotating base, the easy one hand fold and the comfy car seat handle iwas brilliant. We bought our stroller knowing we would have it forever. It's light enough and the quality will last us forever.

Artak B.
United States United States
The best

great combo

Orbit Baby

Thanks you!

Nataliya a.
United States United States
Best Stroller system on the market

I have had many strollers and car seats because I'm picky and like to try new things. Orbit baby stroller and car seat have changed it all for us. Our third daughter is physically delayed in development. She also had skin sensitivity and would get rashes from certain fabrics. When we got our first orbit G2 car seat and stroller it has been a blessing over a blessing. Her skin cleared up, she was able to stay in car seat and stroller when we got out. In fact she loved it so much she preffered to stay in it over swings. After that we ended up loosing 2 daughters and when I was pregnant with my double rainbow baby boy in 2019 I knew exactly what I want. I was bummed that it was not on the market and tried shopping for something special. We looked at Nuna systems and uppababy. We checked it out in person and read many, many reviews. Unfortunately after orbit baby, all other brands were not up to our standards anymore. We used our new G3 orbit baby car seat that we have purchased for one of the babies we lost with our G2 stroller from our daughter for our new son. That was the best decision because as soon as orbit baby was avaliable in U.S.A we bought it. Our son was 3 month old and new G5 stroller have been amazing. We are always on the go and this system makes our parenting life so fun. Not only it is just beautiful, we get compliments everywhere we go. It is also very practical, comfortable, and so thought through. It is made for parents with different lifestyles. I take it to a fancy restaurants and parties, but also take a walk through woods and difficult terrains. I am truly grateful for a company that thinks of parents with every day life and makes a system that makes parents enjoy their time with children so much more. We are expecting another so due Nov. 2021 and it's no brainer that we will continue to use our favorite orbit baby system. I'm so excited to purchase the new G5 infant merino wool car seat. I will leave a raw honest review what I think of it. My husband and I plan to have a big family, knowing that we from the very start we were looking to invest into best system for our growing family. We are so glad we found orbit baby. Also customer service is so amazing, they have been going above and beyond helping me anytime I have had any questions THANK YOU ORBIT BABY!!!

Orbit Baby Stroll, Sleep, & Ride Travel System in Merino Wool ReviewOrbit Baby Stroll, Sleep, & Ride Travel System in Merino Wool ReviewOrbit Baby Stroll, Sleep, & Ride Travel System in Merino Wool Review
Orbit Baby

You are a true super fan! We love that you are a part of the Orbit family.