Buying a Used Stroller or Car Seat: Is It Safe?

Buying a Used Stroller or Car Seat: Is It Safe?

By: Kate Krantz

Safety Reviewed by CPST: Jonathan Otero

Key Takeaways:

  • Purchasing a used stroller or car seat may have its temptations but when it comes to ensuring the safety of your children, there are potential risks to be aware of.
  • While our recommendation is to opt for a new car seat or stroller, it’s worth noting that there is a thriving online marketplace for second hand baby gear like baby clothes, toys, highchairs, and more. However, it’s important to carefully check for recalls and register your child’s products.
  • When all is said and done, you can have the utmost confidence in Orbit Baby’s commitment to delivering travel systems that will not only enhance the convenience of your adventures with your little ones, but also prioritize their comfort and security.


Why Buying a Used Stroller or Car Seat May Be Tempting 

Let’s talk about the exhilarating (and sometimes, overwhelming) experience of shopping for car seats and strollers.

So, picture this: you might be sitting there, considering the idea of purchasing a used car seat or used stroller. I mean, who wouldn’t be tempted by a used Orbit Baby? You may be trying to land a hot deal on a high-end model or upcycle and be environmentally conscious. According to Good Buy Gear’s Buying a Used Car Seat, these are all valid reasons, but…

As tempting as it may be, you must be mindful and consider the potential downsides when purchasing used baby gear. It’s important to weigh these factors against your personal circumstances and above all, prioritize the safety and well-being of your little ones.

Is it Safe to Buy a Used Stroller? 

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics’ 2022 article, Incidence and Description of Stroller-Related Injuries to Children, there were an estimated 64,373 stroller-related injuries to children 3 years old and younger treated in hospital emergency departments in the United States during a 5-year study period. It breaks our heart to say it, but injuries related to strollers are all too common and as much as you want to find a good deal, buying a used stroller could increase the chances of potential harm to your children.

“Safety standards are constantly evolving, and manufacturers are continually improving their infant and toddler products to make them safer,” says Don Huber, director of Consumer Report’s (CR) product safety, “Newer gear is almost always safer.”

That said, strollers have evolved tremendously over the years. According to Consumer Reports in What to Expect, strollers have become safer and more convenient than ever before. In fact, mandatory safety standards for stroller manufacturers have been in place since 1983 and have undergone several updates since, so that shiny, legacy stroller your friend has gifted you might not meet the most recent criteria.

Recalls are also something you need to take seriously. They happen for a reason, and that’s why opting for a new stroller rather than a used one is a smart move. In baby products mom’s, Strollers: Why you shouldn’t buy a used one, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), only 30% of consumers take the right steps when a baby product is recalled; whether it’s to stop using the product or reach out to the manufacturer for a fix. Shockingly, this means 70% of potentially dangerous baby products are still out there. Although it’s against the law to sell recalled products at yard sales, sometimes defective, used baby gear unintentionally finds its way into the secondary market, completely under our noses. 

When you choose a new stroller, you can have peace of mind knowing that it meets the latest safety standards. You have high expectations for your baby gear, so that’s why at Orbit Baby, safety is our priority #1.

Is It Safe to Buy a Used Car Seat?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in ParentingMode’s “Car Seat Statistics in 2023 (Latest U.S. Data),” the latest car seat crash statistics (2020), vehicle traffic crashes are a leading cause of death of children ages 1 to 14. As your little ones’ protectors, you can’t afford any room for error when it comes to their safety. 

For example, an inherited car seat from a close friend or family member whom you trust might seem like a steal, but there are a few factors to consider:

  1. The car seat’s history: everything may look spotless on the outside, but there can be hidden damage from past accidents, making it less effective or inoperable.
  2. Car seats can be recalled from a faulty buckle to a problem with the harness system, so if you’re not in the loop with these safety notices, it means your kiddos may be at risk without you even realizing it.
  3. From Consumer Reports in What to Expect, Is It Safe to Buy Used Baby Gear?: car seats have an expiration date!

But, we promise, there’s a good reason for expiration dates: the main goal is to keep old car seats out of the market because components may degrade over time. Car seats are made from high-grade plastics, and although the materials are great for producing strong, reliable child restraint systems, they are subject to wear and tear. The average lifespan of a car seat before it expires is about 7-10 years.

All car seats must meet a minimum federal safety standard, and newer seats are always up to date with the most recent standards. In fact, you can make sure a car seat is right for you by looking up NHTSA’s (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) Ease-of-Use Ratings. Note: Not all car seats are tested for Ease-of-Use.

So, invest in a brand-new car seat, knowing it’s been tested, certified, and designed with the latest safety technology. All of Orbit Baby’s products undergo rigorous testing to ensure that their quality, safety, and durability exceeds industry standards. We have invested in our technology, materials and staff to guarantee you and your family the ultimate level of protection. From infant to toddler car seats, we have you covered.

Why Buying a New Orbit Baby Is Worth It

  • Orbit Baby shares an unwavering commitment to children’s safety. Our offerings not only meet but exceed federal safety standards.
  • Our products are designed with carefully selected high-quality, ensuring that your children’s wellbeing is top of mind.
  • With our patented Smarthub on our strollers, you can customize your system with different seating options and positions to ensure seamless travel throughout the days and years
  • With our 360° dock-and-go travel system, transitioning between car to stroller has never been easier.
  • We provide a 7-year expiration on car seats and 2-year warranty on all offerings.
  • Orbit Baby goes above and beyond to provide exceptional customer service with questions and advice ensuring that your children are secure and comfortable. You can also contact our own certified Child Passenger Safety Technician for one-on-one assistance.

When you choose to purchase a new Orbit Baby, you’re joining a community that values longevity, craftsmanship and the safety of your children.

Acceptable Baby Gear to Consider Buying Used

Imagine this scenario: you recently invested in an Orbit Baby’s Stroll & Ride Travel System and, you’re filled with excitement. Now, you’d like to add a few accessories to complement your new purchase. According to Truly Mama in “New vs. Used Baby Items: What to Buy Secondhand,” here is list of baby gear to consider buying secondhand:

  1. Baby Clothes
  2. Toys
  3. Changing Tables
  4. Highchairs
  5. Baby baths
  6. Infant carriers, wraps and slings 

Note: All these items are subject to recall so it’s important to always check for recalls with the CPSC or NHTSA and register your little one’s products using the CPSC’s guidelines.

Luckily, there’s a thriving online marketplace for secondhand baby gear and although, we recommend purchasing a new car seat or stroller, secondhand or hand-me-down car seats and strollers are acceptable so long as you know the history of the product, the manufacturer’s care instructions were followed, it has not expired, and the product has been checked for recalls.

“If we are able to get things secondhand, then that’s a good way to give a second life to something instead of throwing it away,” says Jean Moorjani, MD, a pediatrician at the Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children in Well+Good’s “I’m a Pediatrician, and This is Where to Buy Used Baby Gear that’s Safe and Good as New’.”

Tips to Follow Before Using Secondhand Baby Items

Before you rapidly add baby items to your Good Buy Gear shopping cart, take a moment to consider Dr. Moorjani’s valuable tips on how to safely shop for used baby gear online:

  1. Look out for wear and tear and any safety hazards.
  2. Ensure items come with an instruction manual.
  3. Check for product recalls on the manufacture’s website or CPSC/ NHTSA.
  4. Purchase from a website or app that offers returns.
  5. Keep your pediatrician in the loop.

Orbit Baby: An Heirloom that Stands the Test of Time and Holds Value

You can breathe a deep sigh of relief knowing that Orbit Baby has exactly what your growing family needs. We are 110% committed to safety, using only top-notch materials, and designing our products with innovative features that make life with a baby, a little more...easier.

Our travel systems will take your future adventures with your babes to a whole new level of convenience! Plus, the cherry on top: our generous warranty, impeccable customer service and expiration periods will allow you to rest easy knowing you’ve made a solid investment.

With Orbit Baby, you can rely on us to prioritize the safety and comfort of your little ones above all else and you can count on us to deliver everything you’re looking for and so much more.