How-To Videos

Here’s a close look at all the Orbit Baby extras designed to help you navigate weather, color options, convenience, and growing families.

Set Up The Helix+ Attachment

For growing families, check out these easy steps to turn your single G5 Stroller into a double and back again.


Remove and Install Your G5 Infant Car Seat Liner

Whether removing for a quick wash or switching out to Merino Wool, we’ll take you through the simple steps of removing and replacing your car seat liner.


Car Seat Stroller Adapter

Attach your non Orbit Baby car seat to the Orbit Baby Stroller. Compatible with Maxi-Cosi®, Cybex®, and Nuna®.


Orbit Baby Accessories

User Manuals

Looking for more help? Check out our detailed guide to parts, pieces, tips, and tricks for using your Orbit Baby products. Once you’re in the know, it’s easy to be on the go!



No, the Sidekick and the Helix+ cannot be used at the same time.

One Sidekick is recommended. The Sidekick Board is designed to attach to the right side of the rear tire of your G5 Stroller. The Sidekick board also comes with a grab handle so that your toddler can use it to hold on too.

This said, technically you can fit up to two (2) Sidekick boards on the Orbit Baby G5 Stroller, one on each rear wheel. However the “grab handle” only will attach onto the right side of the Orbit Baby Stroller frame and won't fit the left side of the handle frame.

Customize your Orbit Baby G5 Stroller with the Orbit Baby Sun Canopy. Whether a sleek neutral or a burst of bold color, outfit your ride to suit your style, mood, or destination with a protective UPF 50+ sunshade that’s specifically designed for the G5 Stroller. Easy to clean and switch from color to color, it’s the perfect accessory to shield little ones from the sun, while adding striking style.

Our Mosquito Nets and Rain Covers are great for families that enjoy the outdoors! We have them specifically made to fit our Infant Car Seat and our Stroller Seat. They’re lightweight and easy to transport. The fun doesn’t have to stop when the rainclouds and bugs arrive!

Our stroller basket is quite roomy and holds 5 lbs of gear. When that isn’t enough, our Pannier Set attaches to the sides of the stroller frame and hold 4.5 pounds of gear each and will accommodate a standard grocery bag while remaining slim enough to fit through a standard doorway.

Our Travel Bag is specifically designed to transport our G5 Stroller Frame, Stoller Seat and Cargo Basket. It also features, zippered internal pockets, address tag window, reinforced padded panels, and yellow “gate check” flap for better airport handling.


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