Does Orbit Baby Make a Car Seat Adapter?

Does Orbit Baby Make a Car Seat Adapter?

This magical car seat adapter connects your infant car seat from another brand to your Orbit Baby Stroller for seamless baby travel.

What is a car seat adapter?

A car seat adapter connects an infant car seat to a stroller. You can purchase a travel system – a stroller and car seat combination, but if you decide to purchase each item separately and from different brands, most the time they don’t work together. 

Having a car seat adapter allows you to attach an infant car seat to a stroller and makes getting in and out of the car as easy as possible. 

Does Orbit Baby Make a Car Seat Adapter?

The short answer is YES, but give the below a read to learn all about what makes our adapter so great and all the scenarios it works for. 

We get it, you love Orbit Baby, yet received a different infant car seat as a gift or you simply had your mind set on another brand. Don’t worry, we don't take it personal. That is why we’ve created a way for your family to still enjoy the easy transfers, 360-degree rotation and all the benefits of the sleek Orbit Baby travel system: Meet our new Car Seat Adapter.

Easily attaching to our stroller’s SmartHub base, the Car Seat Adapter enables several brands’ infant car seats to securely fit the Orbit Baby stroller frame. Once the Adapter is fastened into place, and the infant car seat is docked, your baby can experience the 360-degree rotation that is uniquely Orbit Baby’s, thanks to its patented technology. And you BOTH can enjoy the benefits of a cohesive travel system with those seamless car-to-stroller and stroller-to-car transfers.

*Please note that the Car Seat Adapter can only be used on the Orbit Baby stroller frame, and cannot be used in a car on an Orbit Baby car seat base.

What Brands Does It Work With?

The Car Seat Adapter is compatible for use with several Cybex, Maxi-Cosi, and Nuna infant car seat models. Please click here for the full list of compatible seats and do not hesitate to contact us with any questions about use or installation. 

Is the Orbit Stroller Right for Me?

It's easy to love the Orbit Baby Stroller with its customizable colors, seats, and riding positions. And with all its bells and whistles for a modern family on the go, like the lightweight, aerospace-grade aluminum frame, adjustable handlebars, quick-collapse, compact 3D fold, and independent suspension, this luxury stroller is truly designed for premium travel. And once your baby grows out of their infant car seat, they’ll be able to use the 3-way reclining stroller seat that comes with the Orbit Baby Stroller.

 Orbit Baby Stroller Adapter

We’re pleased to now offer the engaging Orbit Baby experience to families who want to get an early start sharing the world with their little ones, but are committed to a non-Orbit Baby infant car seat. 

To shop and learn more about our Car Seat Adapter click here.