Live with Our In House Car Seat Safety Specialist
Did you catch our Instagram Live this week?! It was the first in what we hope will become a monthly event to connect with our customers and offer support and answers to real-time questions.  This week, our Car Seat Safety Specialist, Jonathan Otero took us through some of the basics of the Orbit Baby G5 Car Seat, covering safety tips and customer queries as they rolled in. We enjoyed the conversation so much, we wanted to share some of the highlights here in our blog.  
Jonathan: Hi Kim, Yes, the seat fabric is machine washable. Just make sure to wash it using a gentle detergent and on a delicate cycle. Also do not put it in the dryer, line dry only as it might shrink in the dryer. 
Jonathan: Hello Nicole, The G5 seat is compatible with the G3 base so long as the base is not expired. Most G3 bases are expired or expiring very soon. You can check the expiration by finding the silver sticker on the back of the seat base. 
Jonathan: For rear facing, the harness straps should be at or below the child’s shoulders. You can move the straps to the next slot up if the child’s shoulders have reached the next set of slots. The infant seat owner’s manual has more information and some illustrations.  
Jonathan: Great question Stephanie, we recommend you check your base before every trip. Just in case something has changed, someone has accidently unbuckled the seat or maybe the seat has settled and no longer installed snugly.
Jonathan:  This is a tricky question, there is no universal answer for everyone. Where you install your car seat will depend on factors such as where you can achieve a proper installation, who else rides in the car, and how you will be loading and unloading the baby. The most important thing is that you are able to get the seat in properly.  
Jonathan: Our infant car seat goes to 30 lbs or 32 inches rear facing. Whichever comes first. 
If you’re interested in watching our entire Instagram Live, please click here. We hope you join us for the next event – just stay tuned to Instagram for details on the time and date and signup below to get updates and notifications for when we go live. See you soon, and come with questions!