Meet Jess Hover

Meet Jess Hover

Did you always know you wanted to be a mother?

No, while I always imagined motherhood to be part of my future, I never wanted to be a mom. My fears surrounding motherhood largely outweighed any desire I had for it. In fact it was something I wrestled with for a long time because my husband was super excited about having kids but I just felt scared that once I became a mom I would lose my sense of self. Thankfully we didn't allow my fears to be what guided our decisions and now we have 3 kids who I am absolutely crazy about. 

What’s been the most surprising thing for you about parenthood?

Parenthood constantly surprises me so there are many directions I could go with this answer, but one thing that stands out is the way parenthood connects me to people I might not have otherwise known. In life there are so many things which can divide us but parenthood has a beautiful way of connecting us because we all love our children and want to do a good job raising them. I am amazed at the relationships I am able to build with other parents and it has enhanced my life in a way I didn't know to expect. 


How did you become a content creator? Tell us a little bit about that journey.

I always loved using my words to help and inspire people. Whether through writing, public speaking, or a coffee with a friend, I think communication is a really powerful tool for impacting someone's life. When I got pregnant with my first daughter my work-life changed a lot. Previously I had been in leadership roles within two different nonprofits, but during the pregnancy we moved overseas temporarily and I was trying to figure out how to use my skills in a new way. At the time I had two close friends who were, and still are, incredible content creators: Grace Villarreal and Carly Cristman. They were my cheerleaders and encouraged me to use social media more intentionally to connect with people while raising my daughter. Without them I wouldn't have done it and I am so grateful for their support in getting me started. 

Tell us about @verygoodmothersclub!

VGMC is both an online shop and online community for growing families. Our shop offers a curated selection of gifts for parents and their babes; while our membership community provides a forum for parents to support each other, weekly zoom calls led by me, events led by parenting experts, and personalized support for families internationally.   


What prompted you to start it?

My business partner Becca Prins and I started Very Good Mothers Club after receiving countless messages from parents expressing 2 things: 

First, moms and dads feel incredibly isolated and lonely; and second is they feel overwhelmed when it comes to knowing which products to buy. Our community is designed to connect parents to one another so they no longer feel alone; and the retail shop is a way to simplify the shopping experience so our customer knows exactly what to give a new parent so they feel loved in this season.   

What’s your favorite thing about Orbit Baby?

I love the quality of Orbit Baby's products and how easy everything is to use. I also really appreciate the Orbit Baby team and how accessible they are to me as a customer if I need help with anything. Between your Youtube tutorials, your people on Instagram who respond to my random DMs asking you about the installation of my car seat, and your website - I have never felt lost using your products. Good customer service is refreshing and it's obvious Orbit Baby really cares about the families they are serving. Also my husband Shaun Hover skateboards professionally and his favorite thing about you guys is the Sidekick skateboard attachment for the stroller. Our kids LOVE it and it gives them a way to "skate" with Dad which is a win for us all. :)