Meet Matthew Harvey

Meet Matthew Harvey

Matthew Harvey is dad goals. In a world full of Instagramming moms, we just love seeing his with his family on Instagram. He brings a healthy dose of humor to real parenting moments and we are here for it. From cooking shows with his oldest daughter, singing all the Disney songs with his youngest daughter, laugh out loud accents with his son, and Instagram challenges with his wife, his personality and love for his family shines through.

With Father’s Day coming up, we asked him to weigh in on the subject. Read below to see how he handled becoming a Dad, expectations vs. reality of fatherhood, and what if you’re still trying to figure out what to get your partner this year, he shares what he thinks Dads REALLY want for Father’s Day. 


Tell us about becoming a father for the first time vs the second and then third? How were things different for you?

With the first child, it’s similar to when you first get married and you’re in that honeymoon stage. It’s not as hard as you thought, and you’re enjoying the baby but also your spouse. It’s a luxury to have four eyes on one child, one mouth to feed, one bottom to wipe, one body to wash. Then the 2nd child shows up and things get a little more interesting. We have to juggle a little bit, but after some time, you still have this under control. It’s when the 3rd baby shows up and you are officially outnumbered, that’s when a juggling act turns into a full circus performance. It’s a beautiful mess and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. 



Let’s talk expectations vs reality of Fatherhood? 

I think in today’s society we’re just so used to seeing the picture-perfect dads that wear matching outfits, have all the time in the world to spend, and their kids are the most behaved in public. In reality, each kid comes with a different personality, and different needs, and your time is stretched to the max. Being a Father is a never ending journey with different experiences and we have to prepare to be flexible and adapt to different situations. So don’t ever think you’ve figured it out because the dynamic will change with the seasons as your family continues to grow. So don’t feel too guilty when that screen time is a must and you need to set some time aside to prioritize yourself... it’s all so you can be a better parent for them. Another expectation people tend to think, is your marriage goes in cruise control when kids enter the picture, but in reality, you have to work even harder on your marriage. It is important to communicate with your spouse and be intentional with ensuring they are still number one in the home. 

What do Dads really want for Father’s Day? 

It really does depend on the type of Dad but I think we can all agree that we do not want a tie! Personally, I LOVE just spending time with my kids; yes they get exhausting and a little overwhelming at times, but Father’s Day is to highlight being a father, so I want to spend the majority of my day doing just that. I would love a day packed full of fun activities preferably outdoors since we spend most of our day inside. On Father’s Day I would like to celebrate with my family where we don’t have to worry about chores and events for the kids, but instead just truly enjoy each other’s company and make memories as a family. 

Did you always know you wanted to be a Dad? 

Definitely! I grew up in a household where both of my parents were actively involved, and this impacted me in a positive way. I wanted to have this same opportunity to sew into our children’s upbringing and use some of the same things I saw in my family and apply it to my own style of parenting. There’s nothing more rewarding than loving your kids and watching them develop. 

What has been the most surprising thing about Fatherhood? 

The most surprising thing about Fatherhood has been how observant kids are. I think we underestimate these kids way too much. Once I began to realize how perceptive they are to their surroundings it called me to be a better person all together because not only are they learning from my verbal education but also the nonverbal. Also how tired I am... I didn’t know you can be this exhausted, haha. 

For more genuine moments and good laughs, don’t forget to follow Matthew, his wife, Dana, and their three kids over on Instagram @homeoftheharveys!