Pack that Pannier for…

Pack that Pannier for…

Most parents will tell you that one of the major benefits of a stroller is its ability to carry extra baby gear. And if there’s one thing outings with babies require, it’s extra gear. The Orbit Baby G5 Stroller comes with a Stroller Basket, but to fully release the manpower potential of your stroller, we’ve designed a set of two Orbit Baby Panniers that easily attach to your G5 stroller to offer extra storage. In fact, with the ability to carry up to 4.5 pounds in each Pannier, you just may want to plan your adventures around all the extra fun you can fit in. We have a few ideas:

Prepare to Shop!

Because they can fold down when not in use, our Panniers are an ideal shopping companion for when you end up buying a bit more than you can carry. Or you can keep one stocked on your stroller with toys, snacks, and a sweater for baby, so they’re content as you browse, and you’re ready if the excursion runs longer than you expected.

Pack Your Pooch!

Okay, so you’re not really packing the dog, but the Orbit Baby Pannier does offer an excellent spot for Spot to ride (pun intended!) while on a stroll. Baby enjoys their 360 views as you go, thanks to our SmartHub® base on the G5 Stroller, and your fur baby gets an engaging vantage point too. Just be mindful of your pup, and make sure they aren’t prone to fetching toys that your little one might throw on the go.

Plant a Garden!

Durable and made to withstand dirt and dust, the Panniers ease the difficulty of purchasing plants by offering the perfect place to carry them. Whether you’re browsing the store, heading to your car, or strolling home, the Orbit Baby G5 Stroller is equipped to handle the job.

Pack for a Theme Park!

With plenty of room, our Panniers pack up for a long day, with space for sweatshirts, snacks, water bottles, changes of clothes, extra diapers, small toys, and souvenirs. Pretty much all the things you need, and nothing you actually want to carry in your arms. However, if you do want to keep these goods close by while you stand in a line, our Pannier can be easily removed from the stroller in one quick step and carried by hand. And for days when the weather is unpredictable, but that ticket has already been paid for, the Pannier has a rain fly to help keep its contents dry.

A Pannier Picnic!

Pack a blanket and a few sips and snacks (and maybe some flowers for ambiance?), and you and your partner can stroll to the nearest park for a romantic lunch or dinner while baby snoozes in the comfort of their stroller (or bassinet seat docked into the stroller frame!). If baby has an older sibling and the picnic spot has a playground, you can throw a few sand toys into the other pannier for extra minutes of entertainment.

And Speaking of Sibling…

Our Panniers are compatible with our SideKick Stroller Board for older children! Just attach a Pannier to one side of the Orbit Baby G5 Stroller, and a SideKick Stroller Board to the other, and your stroller can still do all the heavy lifting, even with another child along for the ride.

With the help of the Orbit Baby Pannier parents can prepare, pack, and carry all the necessities, while leaving their hands free for taking pictures, pushing the stroller, or picking baby up for a closer look at a favorite character, animal, or the world around them. It’s a piece of baby gear that’s worth its weight in gold (especially when it’s full!).

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