Sincerely, Dad

Sincerely, Dad

By Michael K.

To My Baby Girl,

I am writing this to you 10 days before your due date. That day cannot come soon enough, your mom and I have been counting down the days since the moment we learned you existed.

I don’t want to pretend that I am not scared. I was never one of those guys thrilled to hold a baby and the thought of being responsible for such a tiny human was absolutely terrifying. But now that has all changed and those fears have turned to thoughts of happiness – because you’re my tiny human and there is nothing more in the world that makes me smile than the thought of you and I together. I cannot wait to cradle you in my arms, rock you to sleep and kiss your little forehead. And yes, as gross as the thought of changing a diaper is, I say BRING IT! Because it’s your diaper and you are perfect. 

I haven't spent much time thinking about what type of dad I hope to be and I am sure it will evolve over time, but before you arrive, I thought I would share some words that will help guide you through this crazy and beautiful world. 

First and foremost, be good to everybody. Even people that push your buttons or that you feel don’t deserve the time of day. You never know what battle someone is fighting and how you make someone feel about themselves says a lot about yourself. 

The world is an odd place and I don’t plan on sheltering you from it. I will inform and educate you of the ups and downs and let you carve your own path. When you ask me about my past, I will tell you about the experiences that have led me to who I am today and I will encourage you to take your own chances. I will embrace and greet every choice of yours with an open mind (even your first boyfriend). 

I promise to always work hard at understanding and connecting with you emotionally. I won't always be the good guy and there will be rules, but I will always try to understand where you are coming from and listen first. And this is not to be confused with a get out of jail free card, there will be consequences for sneaking out of the house!

Know that your beauty will never be measured by the clothes you wear, how you look or the amount of likes you get on social media. As a man, I know I will never understand the pressures and insecurities a girl can feel, but I promise to show you that true beauty comes from qualities like respect, compassion and kindness. Never make any apologies for who you are. The right people will love you for it.

Be WILD and HAVE FUN! Explore your creativity and cultivate the parts of you that make you unique. Dance whenever and however you want. Take the structures of society with a grain of salt – test limits and push the boundaries. Travel as much as you can and never feel like you have to settle down in one place. Enjoy life and live the adventure. 

Things won’t always come easy and I can’t promise you a carefree life. We all work really hard and you will have to work hard too. But one thing I can promise you is that  you’re being born into a family rich with love. Love that will comfort you and cushion you far better than any life of luxuries ever could. Love that comes from not just your mom and I, but also your grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles. Love that you can count on. Love that will never be broken.

As I wait for you to come into this world, I just want you to know how excited I am to meet you and to be your father. I don’t even know you yet, and I am already obsessed with you. You may not understand this yet, but thank you. Thank you for bringing a whole new sense of purpose and meaning to life. Thank you for bringing your mom and I closer together, and being the reason we love each other even more. Thank you for making us smile every single day. Thank you for changing my life – I will do my best to give you the chance to live your very best one.

I love you, Baby Girl.

Sincerely, Dad