Stroller Costumes: Orbit Baby Halloween 2024

Stroller Costumes: Orbit Baby Halloween 2024

Looking for a easy way to get in the Halloween spirit while keeping baby safe and cozy? Look no further than these imaginative and effortless stroller costume ideas that will make your little one the star of the trick-or-treating.

Princess Peach and the Toadstool: If you went to the movies with your little ones this year, we are pretty sure you probably saw the new Super Mario movie. This costume is perfect for families.

If you have more littles or a partner, feel free to add characters, like Mario or Luigi, to this one! If baby is too young to dress up, just deck out your stroller like a mushroom using our red canopy, some felt dots, and beige or nude colored fabric.

Barbie + Ken: Bring the iconic doll couple to life with this stroller costume! Pair a Barbie and Ken costume with the Orbit Baby pink canopy and you’re straight out of Malibu, baby!


Chipotle Burrito: Go down to your nearest Chipotle and ask for some of their tissue papers to bring this costume to life. We lined our bassinet with them and then added some felt lettuce and tomato, aluminum foil and a beige swaddle to make the cutest baby burrito we’ve ever seen!

Rainy Day: Now you can trick-or-treat in rain or sunshine! Add on our rain cover to your stroller if you truly need protection from the elements.

If these ideas aren’t enough for you, feel free to check out our costumes from year’s past: 2022, 2021, and 2020.