There IS Rest for the Weary

There IS Rest for the Weary

It’s National Sleep Awareness Week, and no one is more aware of the need for sleep than parents. Bleary-eyed and well-versed in the wee hours of the morning, there is very little that is more attractive than a few Z’s to a zombie-like new mother and father. And really, the same goes for moms and dads with little ones at any age. For babies, sleep is even more important, as it is essential for their developing brain, memories, and motor functions. Whether enjoying a nighttime snooze or an afternoon nap, babies are hard at work while they are sleeping. Can the same be said for their parents?

We all know moms and dads are supposed to sleep when baby sleeps, but it is not that simple for busy families. So, we reached out to Orbit Baby friends and followers to ask them… what do you do when baby is napping? Specifically, what is the most productive thing you have done while baby sleeps? And then we needed to hear the opposite too, if only to make ourselves feel better about our own naptime activities. So, we also asked, what is the LEAST productive thing you have done? The answers for both were impressive.

Most Productive Parent Naptime Activities:

  • Road Trip @twowingsup
  • Cleaned the house @olyakhylchuk
  • Work @lsstellar
  • Pay Bills @ashleyldenniss
  • Mop the floors! @aubreysrussell
  • Place an online grocery order @sar.weed
  • Self-care aka shower, brush teeth, face masks @juliannette
  • Eat! @viv_lola
  • 1:1 with older sister! @vashtialtieri

Least Productive Parent Naptime Activities:

  • Read Magazines @olyakhylchuk
  • Scroll Instagram @juliannettee
  • Went to Target to Escape @twowingsup
  • Stare at the wall @sar.weed
  • Sit in Silence @jenberg8
  • Tried on and removed 5 different nail polish colors @leslietresher
  • TV Binge @paigepbayliss
  • Worry about how messy the house is @sallyealdrich

Whether you are getting stuff done or are simply recharging, it is obvious that baby’s naps are just as important to parents as well. Every second is precious, which is why we love our Stroll, Sleep, and Ride Travel System. Designed around our patented SmartHub® base that offers dock-and-go compatibility with our Bassinet, Stroller Seat, and Infant Car Seat, this system helps keep little ones snoozing, while busy moms and dads move about their day, and from nursery to car to stroller, and back again. The Orbit Baby Stroll, Sleep, and Ride Travel System will do its best to keep baby’s naps from being interrupted by a change in venue, optimizing naptime both for their development and your productivity, even if you fill the minutes with a bit of me-time. And for what it’s worth, we think you more than deserve that me-time.

New! Our Stroll, Sleep, and Ride System is now available with a Merino Wool Infant Car Seat, offering super-soft, thermo-regulating comfort to baby so they can stay cool when it’s warm and warm when it’s cool. Plus, this car seat is FR-free, because Merino Wool is naturally fire-resistant.