Try Before You Buy: Orbit Baby is Now at Nordstrom!

Try Before You Buy: Orbit Baby is Now at Nordstrom!

Some things are extra amazing when seen in person–a sunset on Santorini, the Eiffel Tower in a quiet snowfall, a glowing blue Alpine Lake, and a white sandy beach, just to name a few. While most of these are a plane ticket away, seeing an Orbit Baby Stroller in the wild (and not in use by another family) has been elusive until now. Announcing the arrival of Orbit Baby at select Nordstrom stores near you!

A trendsetting retailer on the cutting edge of fashion and style, Nordstrom is the ideal place to see Orbit Baby in store and experience the sleek, modern, modular system and its innovative technology. Parents-to-be can get a hands-on demo of the dock-and-go SmartHub® base, which is what makes our system so unique.

To make the most of your Orbit Baby Experience at Nordstrom, we’ve put together a few tips for seeing and trying out Orbit Baby in store, like making a date of the outing by first grabbing a cup of joe or juice at Ebar with your significant other. You’ll want your brain cells working at their optimum speed, and you should take advantage of us putting Orbit Baby inside a retailer with an onsite coffee bar. You are welcome. Now, while you’re on-site looking at the Orbit Baby Stroll & Ride for yourself, here’s a few more things you’ll want to keep in mind:

  • Note that the Stroll & Ride is a 3-piece system that includes a stroller frame, stroller seat, and infant car seat.
  • Practice switching out the stroller seat for the infant car seat on our patented SmartHub® base. This easy dock-and-go, customizable seating functionality makes for seamless travel and uninterrupted naps, from car to stroller and back again.
  • When either seat is docked into the SmartHub®, notice how our 3D Rotation™ allows for easy 360-degree rotation and reclining in one fluid motion. When strolling, babies can ride forward-facing or parent-facing, positioned for adventure or calming conversation.
  • Smoothly push the Orbit Baby stroller through the store, over carpet, hard floors, or even the occasional errant hanger, thanks to our Quadshock® front wheel suspension system that absorbs impact. Oh, and you should buy those shoes calling your name as you pass by.
  • Feel the soft-touch, premium Oeko-Tex® certified textiles that will envelop your little one in luxury as they stroll and ride in the aptly named Stroll & Ride system. The Merino Wool Infant Car Seat adds an extra level of soft amazingness, with a naturally flame-resistant fiber that helps regulate baby’s temperature, so they keep cool when it’s hot and cozy when it’s cool.
  • While experiencing Orbit Baby in-store, you also should check out the stroller’s quick-collapse capability when not in use, and how its Compact 3D fold can conveniently fit in car trunks- even small ones.
  • Lastly, stand back and admire the system and vision in its entirety- with you behind the wheel and your little one in the rider’s seat. Now you’re ready to live the dream life.

Photo of a black car seat and base sitting on a wood table in Nordstrom Store

Now that we’re available in select Nordstrom locations in the United States, seeing and trying out an Orbit Baby system in store has never been easier. And expert Nordstrom staff are waiting to help you find your perfect Orbit Baby Stroller and Infant Car Seat. So, what are you waiting for? Check out our Nordstrom Store Locator to see where you can take your new stroller for a spin.