Tunes to Go: Orbit Baby + Spotify

Tunes to Go: Orbit Baby + Spotify

We’re taking exploring the world in 360 to a whole new level, helping you discover new music with our Orbit Baby Spotify playlists! From cutting edge new releases to old favorites, our playlists are created for strolls and situations of all sorts. So, whether you’re looking for a workout or a wander, a birthing playlist, podcast, or music for a birthday party, come check us out on Spotify, as we’ll be covering all the bases.

We’re just getting started but will be keeping it fresh with new playlists added often. We hope to inspire your musical tastes, and of course to get you out and about with your little ones.


Stroller Cardio Playlist

Kick it into high gear with energetic beats to get your heart rate pumping.

Stroller Cool Down Playlist

Bring it down a notch with a playlist made for leisurely strolls and post-workout walkabouts.

Birthing Playlist

When the situation calls for calming vibes, pick this playlist to add the perfect chill to the room.