The Best Stroller & Car Seat Combo: A Luxury, Rotating Travel Set For Your Baby

The Best Stroller & Car Seat Combo: A Luxury, Rotating Travel Set For Your Baby

When it comes to baby gear, few items are as thoroughly researched and compared by caregivers as travel systems. Safety features are of paramount importance, but so are things like convenience, ease-of-use, and even attractiveness.

Not all travel systems are created equal—as any parent who’s been frustrated trying to secure a car seat in the backseat at an awkward angle can attest to.

For new parents, especially, anxiety can accompany that frustration; how can they feel confident their baby is safe if they find the setup and transfers to and from their vehicle difficult to navigate?

Orbit Baby’s Stroll & Ride Travel System is our revolutionary solution. Our 360 travel system is a high-end rotating car seat and stroller combo that marries innovative design with our unparalleled commitment to safety for a top-reviewed solution that’s equal parts luxury and practicality. 

Why do you need a rotating car seat?

A typical infant car seat comes with a rigid base and can only be connected at one (typically awkward and uncomfortable) angle. Orbit Baby’s 360 Car Seat can dock into its SmartHub base at any angle, then rotate into place. The unique design of our rotating car seat means getting your baby in the car is practically painless. The SmartHub base comes with our patented StrongArm™ knob to make car seat setup and installation easy, swift—we’re talking 60-seconds-and-you’re-done swift—and, most importantly, safe. 

Of course, Orbit Baby’s swivel car seat isn’t only focused on parental comfort. Our 360 car seat features soft-touch, breathable premium fabrics that are designed for comfort in any season or climate and are certified safe by Oeko-Tex® Standard 100. The seat’s liner is machine washable.

Are rotating car seats safe?

At Orbit Baby, your child’s safety is at the forefront of every product we design. Our rotating car seats meet all federal car seat safety standards. Our deep-cradle design is fully lined with energy-absorbing EPP foam for maximum side impact protection, and our patented SmartHub™ car seat base is constructed with aerospace-grade aluminum, offering strength and 360 degree security in the car. 

We also want caregivers to feel equipped and confident in their installation and use of every OrbitBaby product, which is why our first-class service is available every step of the way. From personal, one-on-one video demonstrations to answers for all of your safety and installation questions from our resident Child Passenger Safety Technician, we’re committed to every part of the customer service experience.

Why do you need a rotating stroller?

Orbit Baby’s 360 travel system also features our rotating stroller, which offers easy 360-degree rotation and reclining in one fluid motion. This means your baby can be forward-facing or parent-facing, upright or fully reclined when docked in SmartHub® base while on the move. Parking the stroller next to your table at an outdoor cafe? Simply rotate the swivel stroller seat 90 degrees, and suddenly your baby has a custom seat at the table. 

It’s not just about convenience though. Babies ride in luxurious dual-sided memory foam cushioning that provides extra warmth on one side and cooling technology on the reverse. Thermoregulation technology keeps your baby’s ride a breeze in the swivel stroller with airflow window, perforated stroller seat shell, and moisture-wicking luxury fabric.

When it’s time to load back into the car, Orbit Baby’s 360 stroller has quick-collapse capability with a compact 3D fold that fits into even small car trunks.



Unlock the best of both worlds, a rotating car seat stroller combo.

Orbit Baby’s 360 car seat and travel system offers a practical solution to some of the most common travel system issues while retaining the luxury, high-end feel you expect from Orbit Baby with proprietary technology for protection, contentment, and exploration. The rotating car seat’s SmartHub base eliminates the confusion and frustration of installation and transfers are pain-free for parents.

The 360 stroller integrates perfectly for a rotating car seat and stroller combo that offers seamless transport while it combines style, safety and convenience all in one. Enjoy easy reclining and 360-degree rotation in one fluid motion, allowing your baby to participate more fully in the world around them without sacrificing style.

image of orbit baby stroller and rotating car seat