G5 Toddler Car Seat Overview

Perks for Toddler 

  • State-of-the-art car seat with proprietary technology for protection, comfort, and exploration. 
  • Soft-touch, breathable upholstery for premium comfort in any season or climate. 
  • UV sunshade 
  • Designed with magnetic buckle holders to help keep harness and safety belt clear of child as they climb in. 
  • When rear facing, rotating seat offers easy entry and exit from car. 
  • Designed for children 15-65 lbs., measuring up to 53” tall 

Perks for Parents  

  • Versatile, modular system offers family-flexible design that docks into car seat bases, strollers, and rocker bases. The best part? When a child outgrows their Orbit Baby G5 Infant Car Seat, the switch to the Orbit Baby Toddler Car Seat is easy! Just dock and rotate your Toddler Car seat on the Car Seat base already in your car. 
  • This convertible car seat offers a complete toddler travel system, docking into both car seat base and stroller. 
When used rear facing with Smarthub® Base (not inlcuded):
  • Installs securely in less than 60 seconds by turning the patented StrongArm™ knob. 
  • Helps prevent injury to parents’ backs by docking into SmartHub® Base at any angle on stroller, in car, (and even on RockerBase), then rotating into position.
  • *Please note that SmartHub® Base can only be used when rear facing.

Tech Specs 

  • Machine-washable fabric that’s easy to remove for cleaning with our patented design. 
  • Includes user-friendly, durable 5-point harness and UV sunshade 
  • Sleek back panel designed to store dangling straps 
  • Toddler Car Seat can be used with and without an Orbit Baby Car Seat Base. 
  • The G5 Toddler Car Seat also fits on the G2 and G3 Strollers, as well as the X5 Jogger Stroller.
*G5 Toddler Car Seat is not compatible with the rear SmartHub of the Helix+ Double Stroller Upgrade Kit.

    Pioneered for Safety 

    • Deep seat cocoon design and Side Impact Braces offers extensive side-impact protection with multiple foam zones, using EPP foam for maximum security.   
    • Durable, ultra secure 5-point harness. 
    • Made with fabrics certified safe by Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, ensuring they are healthier for your baby and better for the environment.  
    • Certified for use in aircrafts without the base while using seat belts and Side Impact Braces.  
    • LATCH compatible. 
    • Passes FMVSS 302 and FMVSS 213.